Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Well everyone its 2012 a new year for us all. I am sure everyone has made their resolutions this year. I did not make any I am going to try something different. Things that I need done this year I already started clearing out my craft room, this will take a while but I will get it done this year. I have purchase so much paper that I don't need or want anymore I will be donating it to goodwill or a school, somebody will get this stuff. I have to clear out my room so I can focus better. Me and my husband both said we want less. So we are only going to keep what we need. Once I clear out my craft room I will be shifting back to sewing, I used to love sewing. I am getting burnt out on paper. How much do we need? I haven't designed any jewelry in years, very little painting not the kind I enjoy mostly canvas. I haven't pick up a pencil to draw in years also. But this year I am going to do a little bit of all the things I enjoy not just scrapbooking. I am also going to design my own paper instead of purchasing a pack that I don't use. I want to make my own choices my own colors, buying paper pack does not allow that for me. Balance my life better, eat healthier, I will be sharing some of my recipes on my blog, so look for those with pictures. Happy New Year to everyone God Bless