Saturday, February 25, 2012

Mini albums and tutus Oh my!

Hi everyone, I was not going to miss my monthly commitment to add something every month. I just started and already saying to myself, I'll get to it later well now this month is almost over so the time is now not later. But any how I have made 3 mini albums, really busy. And I made my granddaughter some no sew tutus, so cute and I cut out some fabric with the cricut. Not as easy as they say, but the tshirts came out nice. I used the iron on heat transfer, you have to use a practically new mat to get it to stick. Okay enough talking here are the pictures. Have a great day

Mini albums Quick and easy
Thes pics were taken with my phone some are small I don't know why hope you can still see them. This album I used bo bunny zoology paper. I used envelopes, sort of the matchbook album style.

This my less than $1o.oo mini album, I created using a DCWV mat stack and 2 12x12 sheets and 7 envelopes, and the cricut cartridge elegant edges. Very simple to make it can hold up to 26 photos.

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year

Well everyone its 2012 a new year for us all. I am sure everyone has made their resolutions this year. I did not make any I am going to try something different. Things that I need done this year I already started clearing out my craft room, this will take a while but I will get it done this year. I have purchase so much paper that I don't need or want anymore I will be donating it to goodwill or a school, somebody will get this stuff. I have to clear out my room so I can focus better. Me and my husband both said we want less. So we are only going to keep what we need. Once I clear out my craft room I will be shifting back to sewing, I used to love sewing. I am getting burnt out on paper. How much do we need? I haven't designed any jewelry in years, very little painting not the kind I enjoy mostly canvas. I haven't pick up a pencil to draw in years also. But this year I am going to do a little bit of all the things I enjoy not just scrapbooking. I am also going to design my own paper instead of purchasing a pack that I don't use. I want to make my own choices my own colors, buying paper pack does not allow that for me. Balance my life better, eat healthier, I will be sharing some of my recipes on my blog, so look for those with pictures. Happy New Year to everyone God Bless

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Altered canvas

Altered 16 x20 canvas , this was a fun project, I used acrylic paint on the canvas, my mind's eye paper, and lyrical letters cartridge. The letters were brown vinyl I purchased at hobby lobby. The cricut cuts it with no problem. The letters didn't stick well to the canvas, so I placed it on paper. The pics are of my 2 year old grandson and his dad Hope you like it

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Jason's 2yr. birthday party

Had a great time at my grandson's 2nd birthday party. I have been making so many cupcake towers, they are starting to look alike. But the parents always want another one, guess I will be creating them for some years to come. My 3yr. old granddaughter picks her colors and how she wants it to look. Wow these kids are growing fast.
But this was a lot of work , my grandson is into cars so I purchase the cartridge. Love the way it came out, I started tearing it down and save the pieces to make a flip album. I'll post when I get the pics for this one and my other grandbabies. Have a great day, God Bless

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Tags using homemade glimmer mist and my new stamps I really like the way they came out They are so addictive you can't stop at just one